Welcome to the official webpage of the four-wheel-drive club of Thassos, in Greece.

Four wheel driving seems to get more and more funs in our country. So, like this,in our island Thassos, happens to appear more and more friends of this sport. People that are looking for some way to escape from the gears of civil streess that comes over the modern man.

Όρος Υψάριον - 1204μ

The particular landscape of the island, offers the oppportunity for hard core jeeping and any form of adventure. Mountain biking, hunting, fishing, trekking climbing, sea sports, diving are only few of the activities one can do, to escape in the island.

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The members who first created this club, started to get involved with four-wheeling, in about year 2005 and until today, we can only say, that we are still learning. True information is hard to get and the web is not helping much, cause many good things are spread around, among other, not so usefull. This fact, created the need for us to share the little few things we discovered ourselves, with anyone who asks for it.

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In this web place, you' ll find fotos, videos articles and anything else, that one who loves four wheel driving, might consider as stuff to explore. But mostly, here you' ll find our love for our hobby and our island, Thassos!

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For now, the content of the page is rather poor, but we hope that sircumstances will help us grow it. In advance, if anyone has something that he thinks is usefull to share with others, please don't hesitate, contact with us.

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