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Τα νεώτερα νέα μας...

(Πάρτε hi-lift!)

Spring time!

It's Sunday and weather stands on our side.We rushed to the mountains and hill of Thassos. It's been a long time since we managed to match our free time, but today, this is it.

We started climbing a nice ramp in Pefkari, then we crossed a small part of Potos river. We played as much as we could in Dipotimos' aley and then we passed through a fire-prevention zone, all the way up. On the top of it we enjoyed the full panorama of Theologos valey under our feet. Next was the road to Kartsiliotena. Then, we drove to the church of Panagouda, where we had a little tour to see the wall painted agiography and walk the streets of old Theologos village, which is about 700-800 years old.

Anyone jealus? Call 6974520334.

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