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Island of Thassos is the northern island of the Agean Sea and it belongs to the municipality of Macedonia, Greece.

Dag from the ancient ages, for its rich in gold soil (nothing is left nowadays), for its magnificent white marbles (parts of the island are gone, true), ochra (yellow paint) and other valuable things. It was also dag from its own residents, to feed them, in dark days. All of our mountains are like giant stairs and stone walls to keep soil in place are all over the island. The whole island is a huge garden.


Really, this place had very hard times in the past...

Ripped by the pirates of any kind. Slautered by the conquerors of any nationality. But it gave all it could. Thassos was a shellter for hunted men (especially in the years of the othoman occupation),as it was given as a gift to the Egyprians, for helping their fight against the Greek revolutionairs...
Thassos gave its blood for the independance of Greece, as everybody did. Turks, Germans, Italians, Bulgarians...  Many people crossed by.

Anyway, that was it with the historical stuff...


The island is not suitable for light jeeping. The rocky in the majority soil, raises the cost of the necessary modifications, to allow someone to move safely in this terain. Necessarily have to be tall, wide, slow, loud, and then bigger, wider, slower, stronger and so it goes on...

There are not fields and or other soily grounds, for one to go on play... But there are some crazy slopes and some enormous uphills, making the gained glory and experience bigger... It is no coincidence that the lovers of mountain cycling, when talking between them about a bike and want to show how strong it is, they say "it can go through Thasos", speaking for the difficulty of the annual race of Mountain Biking.

From the beach to 1200 m, in minimum time. From the mud of the plain of Astris, to the rocky interior.

Snow, rain, sun, rocks and soil, in small doses and not plenty, but enough to make one have the fun he wants...

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